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Project Description

The PowerShell Invoker is a small lib, which provides executing PowerShell cmdlets or PowerShell scripts from any context such as Windows Forms, WPF, Console or ASP.Net web applications.

PsInvoker Usage

PsInvoker is written on .Net Framework 3.5, the PowerShell Libraries are referenced by latebinding to provide a better error handling. before using PsInvoker ensure that your PowerShell policies are correctly set

PsInvoker Examples

Here are some small examples, where PsInvoker could be used. The first screen shot shows an ASP.Net 3.5 Web application, it allows you to execute some PowerShell scripts directly from webpage.
PsInvoker in WebApplication.png

The following example shows the usage of PsInvoker in a very simple Windows Forms application
PsInvoker in WindowsApplication.png

PsInvoker RoadMap

Here some features, which will be included in the future:
  • Overloading RunPowerShellScript Method to provide a better API
  • XML-Documentation

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